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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thinking Thursday

Just so this page has a little purpose I've decided to give a tip of the week every Thursday.


Jack will eat anything in the form of a fry, cookie, pancake, or pop. Since I don't want his diet to be made up of the conventional forms of the above, I've found or created home made recipes that come in the shapes but without the junk. *Jack does however sometimes eat all these things in their normal wonderfully yummy form!

Examples you can search on the Internet:

Beet Cookies
Pumpkin Cookies
Carrot Cookies
Banana Cookies
Yogurt fruit pops (using the molds you buy at stores)
Carrot pancakes
Avocado pancakes
Sweat potato fries
Any kind of mini muffin

Also almost anything that is creamy can be mixed into a grilled cheese. Avocado works great! You can sub sugar and oil for unsweetened applesauce on most recipes. I get the majority of my recipes from since she adds new ones almost every day.

More funny stuff later. Its about Jacks new ability to dance... maybe even a video.

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