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Monday, August 22, 2011

Children's tv

I'm not sure when I started to despise children's tv, but I certainly do! I find myself watching sesame street and hoping Bert just looses it and knocks Ernie out. I mean the guy is constantly messing with him, I don't think there's a jury in the world that would convict Bert. He clearly has some mental issues, he's in love with Bernice the pigeon, obsessed with paperclips, and wears a turtleneck. After years of mental abuse, I think we could give him a pass.

And these characters never learn anything, is that really the example I want for my son? I mean how special of an agent can Oso be if he forgets what to do every time he has a mission. And really goofy, you can't remember the word "tootles" every day, but we let you drive a car? Don't get me started on yo gaba gaba, that whole show freaks me out. Let's have swiper arrested for swiping Dora's crap all the time and teach kids real consequences. And is Mr. Noodle really our subject matter expert? It takes him ten tries and the help of yelling five year olds to get anything right. Finally, Mr. Blueman (yes that's his name) if Grover is your waiter, flight attendant, or salesman... Go somewhere else. He clearly is inept and your optimism is slowly becoming stupidity.

We limit Jack's tv and really the only show he will sit through is sesame street which helps me stay sane. However, I can't fight the urge to secretly wish these very predictable shows would break format and throw something in that would result in a collective "that's what I'm talking about" from parents everywhere. Can you honestly say that if Oscar the grouch put his money where his mouth is and shanked Big Bird for singing the abc's outside his can you wouldn't smile? I mean you would be appalled and quickly change the channel to protect your child, but inside you'd think, that chipper giant had it coming to him.

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