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Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's not a tumor

One thing I hadn't prepared myself for when I became a mom was the worry. The suffocating, constant fear for your child's well being can drive you mad if you let it. Here is a list of things I worried about and what they actual turned out to be. These are all 100% true. (sadly enough)

1. A rash on Jack's bum that I was convinced was a flesh eating disease. I had just watched a show about it a day prior and couldn't help but worry they would have to cut off his bum. He would be the bumless kid all through school probably be called crackless Jack or no crack Jack.

Result: chaffing and heat rash

2. Jack had a terrible black and blue mark on his toe. I thought, broken toe? Did he drop something on it when I wasn't looking, am I that inattentive that I missed a serious injury?

Result: It was mushed blueberry from his lunch, washed right off.

3. The first night in the hospital after Jack was born he got the hicups... Oh gosh perforated diaphragm? (I have no idea what that actually is) I hit the call button and made the nurse come in and asked her what we should do.

Result: provided a good laugh for a bunch of nurses in the break room

4. One day Jack started sneezing and rubbing his nose and fussing, I thought, oh no the poor kid has allergies, or is fighting a cold. He fussed with his nose all night. Then the next morning he sneezed and something brown came out. I thought, is that a peice of his brain, is his brain falling out his noise? I think I read that can happen.

Result: It was a leaf that got stuck up his nose while we all sat outside watching my husband clean the yard. Leaf came out, problem solved.

These are just a few of the hundreds of mommy worries I have a day. (not to be confused with wife worries that are more "honey, did you hear that noise, you better go check it out")

From week to week you worry they aren't eating enough, sleeping soundly enough. You wonder when every corner and edge in your house got so sharp.

I haven't ordered Jacks bubble boy suit yet but I have it saved to my amazon shopping cart. I am assuming that as long as I am his mother, I will worry. I think it just comes with the territory.

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  1. Too funny!
    As a parent you will ALWAYS worry about your child(ren) regardless of their age...and when they do get older and they complain you worry about them too much, you promptly tell them to wait until the day they become a parent THEN they will never goes away