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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Because I said so

I knew that as Jack got older my husband and I would need to "lay down the law" and do things that wouldn't make us popular in order to keep him safe. I'd didn't realize how soon in life we would be crushing his idea of fun. It's heart breaking at times to steal the little spark of joy from his eyes as I redirect him away from the "fun"

It got me thinking what a day in Jacks world would be like if I let him roam free and act on all of his whims.

Jacks day would start by tumbling head first down the stairs that he wants so badly to walk down alone. Then for breakfast he would pass on the homemade waffles (I love my waffle maker) and opt for a handful of cat food washed down with a sip from their water bowl. He would then flush the toilet 32 times and unroll all the toilet paper. He would of course be naked all day as well. He would spill something on the carpet and run his foot through it until it was mashed as nicely into the fibers as it was between his toes.

For our play date we would head to the pool. He would ride in the front seat and push the radio buttons until it didn't work anymore. At the pool he would run barefoot on the burning asphalt through the parking lot dodging cars. Once at the pool he would gather the toys of all the other children without regard for anyone's feelings. Then he would slap all those brave enough to try to take them back. When ready to enter the pool he would walk right off the edge and sink to the bottom.

Back at the house he would sit in his stinky diaper for the rest of the day and search the floor for food, rather then eat the dinner I made. He would finish up the evening by opening and emptying all the drawers in the house. A few tail pulls for the cat, a couple blocks thrown at the tv and a run out the front door and into the street. He would stay up all night watching Elmo movies and jumping on the couch.

I guess it's true, you really can't let your child do whatever they think will make them happy. I just can't believe how frequently I have to be the buzz kill in my sons day. At least at this point he can't run up to his bedroom and slam the door while screaming "I hate you". Ah the teen years... How fondly I remember you.

For Jacks sake I will continue to close the toilet seat, keep the cat food out of his reach, and stop him from walking into the deep end of the pool, even if he doesn't like it....


  1. Hi Danielle! I met you at the meetup on Tuesday! Just saw your blog and it's very cute. I especially like this post since it's oh so true!! I feel like I spend half my day sometimes saying "No!" or "Stop!" and it's hard...but we do what we have to do to teach them and keep them safe. Hopefully they'll appreciate it someday! Hope to see you and Jack again soon!

  2. Hooray for redirection. Oh baby don't play with the trash can, here have these blocks.