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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Changing Supermarkets

So I've decided I need to change supermarkets. No no it's not because of the embarrassing tantrum J threw which included 12 broken jars of pickles, biting a cashier, and ultimately taking him down with a tranquilizer gun. (These details are slightly exaggerated but this is what it felt like) But that's not what's got me looking for a new store.

The food at my store is inconsistent. Sometimes it's great and other times it's inedible, vile really! Now it all tastes fine to me but J must have a much keener pallet then I do. You see I buy a bunch of bananas, 6 to be exact. On Monday I peel half of it and J eats it ravenously. By the look on his face it may be the best thing he's ever eaten. Now two days later when I reach for the next banana I expect it to be equally yummy and J to enjoy it thoroughly. Well this banana might as well be a steaming pile of garbage peeled off someone's shoe. J sniffs it, licks it, then proceeds to flat handed smash it into the counter while screaming what I translate into "why would you try to feed me this crap, don't you love me, don't you know me at all?"

Repeat this process daily with fish, cherries, most veggies... In fact everything but peas, raspberries, grilled cheese, and pasta. At least the store can get those right.

I'm thinking of writing a strongly worded letter to the store insisting that their quality control team be more vigalent. I mean a bunch of bananas should all taste the same right? It's not like my son would wildly enjoy a food one day, reject it the next, and then love it again later that week. Right?

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